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Megz is a fashion brand for a luxury experience for a ladies clothing at affordable prices. Putting in the  elements of high and street fashion over the past five years, Megz pushes the limits of its capabilities for one single purpose: to provide you with the latest fashion trends at the lowest possible price.
Our philosophy is very simple: Whether it's day or night, you have a special occasion or you're just at work in the office - all eyes must be nailed to you!

We are a mass brand that emphasizes small details, making the big difference between us and other mass merchants and fashion houses. Megz releases new collections each month according to the most up-to-date trends.

Just 13 years old, Megz's creator, Miglena Kakanaseva, is making clothes without any sewing and design skills - her passion, enthusiasm and creative ideas are the only thing she works with. In 2010, barely 20 years old, she created her own clothing brand "Miglena Kakanaseva".

"I remember at first I only had 100 pounds and a tiny home sewing machine. In fact, I was sewing everything alone (laughing) You would not want to see my first clothes! "

Miglena Kakanaseva
Creator and owner of Megz

A year later, the "Megz" shows up.

"We were wearing our clothes on other brands. It was a very difficult period because I did not have enough money to open my own workshop, and those I worked with did not understand my ideas and requirements for quality and style. "

In early 2012, Megz's own factory opens.

Now Megz is one of the fastest growing fashion brands in Europe. In 2016 the brand gets the biggest distinction for fashion is Bulgaria - "Golden Needle' for fashion house of the year".

We want to be a fashion destination for all the girls who love the details and are inspired by the high fashion. We take the responsibility for all eyes to be attached to you. It's Megz - you can look as you wish without being tied to a huge budget!